Shenzhen Daxinya Translation Co., Ltd., incorporatedin 1992 and registered as a limited liability company in 1997, is one of theoldest top-grade translation service providers in China. Headquartered inShenzhen, Daxinya has provided translation services to clients from Shenzhen,Dongguan, Zhuhai, Foshan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and other countriesand regions all over the world in the past two decades.


Our more than 1,000 senior translationsfrom all over the world are able to provide translation services covering morethan 100 languages. All translated documents are proofread by overseasreturnees with master’s degree, and we also provide native language translationconsultants.


Daxinya has established a translationworkflow that guarantees the best quality: receiving order from client andissuing worksheet (e-worksheet) – source text classification – dispatchingworksheet (paper worksheet) to competent translator – translation – follow-up –spot check – self-check by translator – proofreading by QC (issuing QC report) –completion – typesetting (issuing typesetting worksheet) – documentation –delivery to client – quality tracking (including assistance in modification of sourcetext). For clients requiring localization of the translation, we also providenative language proofreader to polish the translation in order to satisfyrequirements of high-end clients.


We have established long-term cooperationwith: BYD, Kongka, TCL, ACTO, BBK, Acer, TDK Hong Kong, China ConstructionThird Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., OUR, Shenzhen Energy, Joincare (formerlyTaita Medicine), Wanji Group, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, OPPO, China Mobile Shenzhen Branch, Rossini,China Merchants Bank, Foxconn, Skyworth, Tsinghua Tongfang, Tottori Sanyo, Cheungkei Real Estate, SGS, Callray Communications, Midea, Cybertan, Hitachi (China), etc.


Daxinya’s slogan: quality is crucial toevery company; we take client’s satisfaction and success as an important factorof our performance.


Our translator’s slogan: to be responsibleto our translation, as to our own personality.


Errors always exist in translations, but weare seeking for zero defects, as we know nothing is impossible.


Daxinya’soperation principle: to create Daxinya’s time-honored translation brand at homeand aboard relying on our excellent services and products, outstandingtranslators and smooth communications.

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