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Since over 20 years ago, Daxinya has translated various types of documents, of which contracts or financial documents are the most frequently translated ones. The following provides a general introduction of the characteristics of contractual or financial document translation:


I. Characteristics of contract (agreement) translation:

In addition to relatively higher requirements for translators and relevant conditions, contract translation is subject to the characteristics of the legal language. It is characterized by the following:


1. Accuracy

Contract translation has the highest requirements for accuracy among all fields of translation. Without accuracy, the translation would be meaningless. Thus, accuracy is the soul as well as the most fundamental requirement of legal translation.


2. Impartiality

Impartiality is the most essential principle to be observed by those specialized in contracts. While contract translation is a part of the legal profession, impartiality is the most essential principle in such translation.


3. Expertize

Translators of contracts are generally those engaged in the legal profession. If not, they must have sufficient knowledge of laws and codes in order to translate in a flexible and proper manner. From the perspective of strong professionalism, contract translation is similar to financial, economic and medical translation.


II. Characteristics of financial translation:

1. Internationalization of financial translation

Since China’s joining in WTO, all industries and professions have been developing towards internationalization, with the financial industry being a particularly prominent and typical example.


2. Specialization of financial translation

The financial industry involves a huge number of technical terms with frequent updates, which puts forward very high requirements on translators’ ability to master technical terms. To ensure the specialization of financial translation, translators need to keep learning to equip themselves with both the knowledge on financial translation and a comprehensive knowledge structure of social science.


3.Confidentiality of financial translation

The financial profession involves massive analysis reports, financial data and specific operation targets, which are the core contents concerning the future of companies. Daxinya Translation strictly abides by corporate confidentiality regulations in translating finance related documents. 

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